PŠ Kaštelir

Učiteljica Tanja Miletić

What I think about online learning,
David Mahne, 6.r.

The Time Machine – Sequel

As I was following the creature, I found my Time Machine with several components missing.
Who could’ve taken the components? Anyways, I completely lost track of the creature.
What will I do now? How am I supposed to find the stolen parts of my Time Machine?
And most importantly, how many more creatures will I encounter and are they going to be hostile and cause me even more problems?
I guess I’ll have to find out. Well, it seems going further is the only option now.
No going back.

(završetak romana “The Time Machine” by H.G.Wells)
Lukas Ferrarin, 7.r.

My food and family
Luka Lovrić, 5.r.

The Eat Well plate

Save our planet
Leon Petrović, 7.r.

Keep calm and protect the environment
Marin Kristić, Lana Ružić, Leon Petrović, 7.r.

Protect the environment
Filip Žiković, Nika Baf, Natalie Bojić, 7. r.

Environmental protection
Lukas Ferrarin, 7.r.

Protect the environment
Petra Bernobić, Mateo Radljević, Nina Kocijančić, 7.r.



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